Hemp-Derived Ingredients for Creative Entrepreneurs

  • We needed a fantastic cannabinoid emulsion for Plift, our OG hemp-based beverage company. What was already on the market didn’t meet our needs for a variety of reasons, so we rolled our own. Enter Perfectly Dosed—water soluble, fast-acting and third-party lab-tested cannabinoid emulsions that are thoroughly vetted and independently analyzed for safety and efficacy. Easy to blend into a variety of other ingredients and product categories, Perfectly Dosed emulsions don’t have that herbaceous, bold hemp taste that turns off some consumers. The cannabinoid formulations are all derived from hemp, which is fully legal as per the 2018 Farm Bill and subsequent federal appeals court rulings.

Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Emulsions

  • We are proud to partner with growers and processors in the hemp industry as well as stakeholders in adjacent industries such as state-licensed cannabis companies, breweries, wineries and distilleries, as well as food and beverage services.

    We offer volume discounts as well as a 20% discount to cannabis license applicants who were denied entry to the market and a 50% discount on the first order by majority-minority businesses.